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Brexit 323
14th August 2018

The latest research from has suggested that, despite the threat of a 'no-deal' Brexit, the majority of the British public remain upbeat about the future of the UK property market.

sold 444
14th August 2018

According to new analysis, due to challenging market conditions, estate agents are increasingly overvaluing properties to gain listings. But continuing to do this could have financial implications...

Landlord rent hand 3
14th August 2018

The latest data from HomeLet has revealed that the average monthly rent in the UK now stands at £937 a month after a 1.3% rise during July.

FTB neg 1
14th August 2018

According to new research, careers, relationships and even health are being pushed further down the list of priorities for first-time buyers who are desperate to reach the first rung of the housing...

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